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What is Dash Cam?

In the most basic terms, a Dash Cam is a camera that sits on the dashboard or windshield of your car. You can program the unit to either record all the time or on schedule or on event. When the storage (in most of the cases, a micro sd card is used), the oldest video get overwritten so please sure to backup video contains incidence.

Do I need one?

You may not realize you need a Dash Cam until it’s too late. The value of having video and/or audio evidence can come in very handy, especially is some situations such as accidents and hit and runs. You can also use dash cam to record road trip and upload to YouTube to share with friends.

Please watch the real life incident happened in Toronto. (video source: YouTube)

What type of micro SD card to buy?

OJOCam offers compatible Samsung MicroSD cards, or you can purchase your own. Please avoid Class 10 MircoSD cards. OJOCam recommends Samsung Class 6 MicroSD card. Please note that the MicroSD card is an expendable product - check recordings regularly and replace if the card has been used for an extended period of time. To void data loss, only remove the MicroSD card from OJOCam when the power is off.

Warning: Improtant data on MicroSD card should be backed up immediately.

Video recording stops when the memory card is full. How do I program the camera to autmatically overwrite?

Navigate to the camera menu by long pressing the UP key, and change the loop Setting from "OFF" to "1 Min". This will enable OJOCam Pro to overwrite files automatically.

OJOCam shuts off when the memory card is full. How do I stop this from happening?

Navigate to the camera menu by long pressing the UP key, and change the Loop Setting from "OFF" to "1 Min". This will enable OJOCam Pro to overwrite files automatically, and will stop the camera from powering off automatically when the memory card is full.

The speed is displayed as kph (kilometers per hour) and I am located in the United States. How do I change the settings to display mph (miles per hour)?

1. Long press the UP key to access the camera menu.

2. Use the UP key to navigate to "Velocity Unit".

3. Press the ENTER key to access the sub menu.

4. Use the UP key to change the speed unit to mph.

5. Press the ENTER key to confirm.

6. Long press the UP key to exit the menu.

How much recording time can I get with the memory card?

The recording time is depending on the size of the memory card.

Memory card size

Recording time


5 to 6 hours


2.5 to 3 hours


1 to 1.5 hours

Note that the actual results might differ due to the lighting conditions.

The time was set correctly on the unit the first time. However, the time is always off after a while.

If the unit comes with the optional GPS, the UTC time offset needs to be adjusted to your time zone. The time setting is accessible via camera menu à Time.

Below is a list of UTC offset for common time zones:

Time Zone

UTC offset

Pacific Time Zone


Mountain Time Zone


Central Time Zone


Eastern Time Zone



What should my Dash Cam have?

With Dash Cams flooded in the market place, finding a right dash cam could be tricky. A dash cam could range from $20 to several hundred dollars. Let's go over the important features for a dash cam.

Video Quality

The low end dash cameras come with VGA (640x480) resolution which is not sufficient to recognize license plate. Almost all dash cams need to be able to record at least 720P (1 mega pixel) resolution to be able to read license plate. Most of the mid end dash cams can shoot at 1080P. 

Also, low light performance is also need to be looked at. Most HD cameras look fine in daytime, but make sure you look for some nighttime videos at well to make sure the camera isn’t useless during driving at night.


For some of the dash cam’s best uses, discreteness is key - after all, how can it watch your joyriding kid if he sees it and unplugs it right away. In order for the dash cam to be discreet, it needs to be small, black, and fit right behind your rear view mirror.


You’ll want to make sure that the dash cam can accommodate enough memory. Very few dash cams come with built-in memory, micro SD card is commonly used. The more memory your camera has the longer it can record for, most of the dash cams can take up to 32GB of storage.


Dash cams that are GPS enabled will track your car’s location, embedding it along with the file of the recording. Some of the dash cams even can support showing locations in Google map while playbacking video. Also, driving speed can be displayed at the same time. This comes in handy when you try to fight for speeding ticket.


Dash cams that are G-Sensor enabled will detect hard brake, in particularly, accident to trigger event recording.



"A Beginners Guide to Car Dashcam" -- By Techmoan (video source: YouTube)

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