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Some Friendly Advice on Buying a Car Dash Cam

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In case you are wondering why the words “car dash cam” is becoming so popular recently, you should be aware that there is not just one reason. In today’s world of an increased number of under-qualified (or, put more directly, bad) drivers on our streets and roads, many vehicle owners are considering their options to keep themselves safe and have all the information readily available to substantiate their claims in the case of an accident. Others are more interested in fighting against baseless accusations from the traffic police, while yet another group of drivers has been able to capture a major historic event using the car camera system. You may have your own special reason for looking into this great technology – but how do you choose the best car dash cam that would meet your needs?

What makes a dash cam great?

A good car dash camera should have a number of important characteristics if it is to serve all of the functions necessary. It should be relatively small, so as to allow for an unobstructed view of the road. It should be easy to install, dismount and operate. Its resolution should be adequate for the video to be used for legal purposes. It is also preferable that the camera be equipped with an impact detection sensor and be fairly durable, so as to be useful in a road crash situation. The transfer of information from the camera and its integration with GPS systems and power supply should be top-quality. Taking all of this into account, one might start to wonder how many thousands of dollars the camera would then cost, but the price of your new car dash camera need not be prohibitive.

Does such a camera exist in the real world?

Thankfully, dash cams available on the market today meet all of the requirements noted above. The OjoCam product line does just that. For as little as $89 to the GPS and G-sensor equipped dash camera on to the high definition dual channel option, its technology and ease of use are unmatched. We are proud to not only boast of having invented the smallest car dash cam – we actually have the smallest car dash cam! Each camera that you purchase from us comes with a full set of accessories, which, depending on the model, may include a car charger, a USB cable, an HDMI cable, a MicroSD memory card, and a windshield mount.

Opt for the industry leaders

our car dash camera is there to help you in difficult and unexpected situations. OjoCam cameras are user-friendly, compact and employ cutting edge technology to meet every driver’s needs. We take pride in our work and deliver top-level customer service through our lifetime support, one year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. If you are looking for a camera that will provide an HD quality video in the event of an accident, police error or that huge meteorite streaking across the sky, look no further than OjoCam!

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