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Choosing the Best Dash Cam for the Best Price

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Apparently the car camera, or dash cam as it is better known, is the latest trend in automotive accessories. Just ask any driver – there is significant value to spending money on the best dash cam. And given the rising number of car accident related lawsuits and insurance claims in the U.S., this accessory might be a wise investment for every American driver too.

Six Good Reasons

According to the website, Reviewed.com, there are six good reasons why every driver should invest in a dash cam. These reasons range from accident accountability to capturing the unexpected.

  1. Accidents While Driving: The dash cam is the perfect witness at any accident scene. No more he said, she said. If the accident is caught on camera, it will be easy to prove whose version of events is correct.
  1. Parking Lot Mishaps: Say goodbye to the parking lot hit-and-run. By installing a dash cam, drivers can record the entire incident, including the license plate of the getaway car.
  1. Insurance Scam Artists: According to any auto insurance company, every body part has a cash value. That cash value can be all it takes to entice some people into committing insurance fraud. A dash cam can help weed out the real accident victims from those that were looking for a big cash settlement.
  1. Driver’s Expertise: Dash cams don’t always have to be used to record detestable driving skills. Sometimes they can be used to record amazing feats of driving in the face of a potential disaster.
  1. Road Map to the Past: Dash cams can also be used for the sheer pleasure of recording a road trip. Just insert a fresh memory card and capture your journey to Yosemite. The majestic beauty of the great outdoors will be documented forever.
  1. Expecting the Unexpected: Who doesn’t want to be the guy whose recording of that mysterious flying object makes the local news? With a dash cam no unexpected opportunity for fame will be left behind.

Dash Cams for Every Budget

When shopping for the best deal in a competitive consumer market it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Shopping for the best dash cam is no exception to this rule. Consumers need to check online and read the reviews in order to make the best dash cam choice. Price is only one factor that consumers need to keep in mind, but it is an important one.

A quick look at the online electronic store websites shows that dash cams can retail from $99.99 for the Cobra Drive HD to $55.99 for the Image Entertainment brand. Consumers should also be encouraged to look around for some of the brands that aren’t yet marketed in retail chains.

OjoCam is one such online retailer of quality dash cams. We retail three competitively priced cameras starting from $89.99, all the way up to $249. A knowledgeable representative can be reached toll-free and can help consumers to figure out which dash cam system will best meet their needs.

So whether it is to be used for prevention, proof or pleasure, a dash cam could prove to be a valuable asset to any car accessory kit. Just shop around and find a dash cam that fits into your budget and your lifestyle.

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