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Car Dash Cameras: How Drivers Feel about the Evidentiary Support it Provides

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Dash cams are a recent phenomenon in the driving world. Car dash camera can help police and prosecutors when it comes to collecting evidence on crashes and reckless drivers, but what are people’s opinions on dash cams? Do they help make the morning commute safer or do they invade people’s privacy and hinder their right to a certain degree of anonymity when driving?

When small cameras are mounted to car and truck dashboards, they can record the footage as the car or truck is driving, capturing all of the sights and sounds along the way. This footage can be a good thing if the driver with the dash cam is in a sudden accident, but with all of the cameras law enforcement use nowadays to catch bad drivers, adding dash cams to the list may be too far reaching.

People Support Dash Cam Use:

People who use car dash cams may argue that their use makes driving safer, as people are more inclined to drive safely if they know someone is watching them. The other point people make when arguing for the use of dash cams is to prove to police and insurance brokers that the other driver was at fault.

People who think they can drive however they want with disregard to the rules may find that their luck runs out when they’re in an accident and their actions are caught on a private dash cam.

Another benefit to having a car dash camera is for parents of a teenager. Parents can review the footage of their teen driver to see just what he or she is up to behind the wheel. This is especially important as crashes are the number one killer of teenagers, and the chances a teenager will have a crash goes up ten times for every passenger they have in the car.

People against Dash Cam Use:

Opponents, however, argue that car dash cameras are an invasion of privacy. There are already ghost police cars driving in public, waiting to catch drivers making mistakes or committing serious driving infractions. On top of that, there are also cameras at red lights, waiting to catch people who are trying to make the yellow light, and those who flat out run the red. Speed traps also already exist to catch speeders, and make use of cams and radar guns.

Opponents may also say that people who use dash cams may try to cause accidents on purpose in order to ensure that they have the upper hand for insurance claims. Dash cams come with a variety of reasons for and against their use. People have varying opinions on whether or not they should be using a dash cam for their own car. Reasons for include the influence on others to drive safe and just in case they are in an accident themselves, the driver will be able to prove his or her case to law enforcement, if necessary.

Reasons against car dash cams include the questions surrounding the invasion of privacy and whether or not people really need to use them on top of all the law enforcement cameras already in use on public streets.

Dash cams are handy new devices that people can use at their leisure to help protect themselves while driving. But, they can also leave law enforcement to the authorities and not use a dash cam at all, it is a personal choice.

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