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How to Mount and Install Your OJOCam Pro

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You’ve bought an OJOCam!Congratulations.You are now ready to enjoy the lightweight, compact, affordable convenience of this incredible car camera system.Mounting and installation is quick and easy; we are here to walk you through it.

How to Mount Your OJOCam Pro

1.The first step is to check the box.It should contain the following:

a.OJOCam Pro

b.A quick guide

c.HDMI cable

d.Windshield mount

e.Power cable (car charger)

f.USB cable

2.Next, park in a safe and secure location, such as your driveway or a well-lit parking lot.

3.Use glass cleaner or a wipe to cleanse the area where you will attach the windshield mount.Make sure the location will not obstruct your vision as you drive.Cleanse the area and make sure it is dry before proceeding.

4.Turn the OJOCam so the Micro SD logo is facing you. Insert the Micro SD card and press until it fits into the slot.It should not eject. If so, re-insert the card.

5.Mark and/or visualize where you will install your dash camera on the windshield (it should be close to the center of the car or right behind the rear view mirror).

6.Remove the adhesive tape from the windshield mounting base and apply the base to the marked area.

7.Attach your OJOCam Pro to the mounting base.

How to Test your OJOCam

Now your OJOCam is mounted.It’s time to give it a test.

1.Connect the dash cam’s car charger into the mounting base using the USB end.

2.Connect the other end of the car charger into the vehicle’s 12V outlet.

3.When safe to do so, start the vehicle’s ignition and rotate the OJOCam Pro to adjust the shooting angle.

4.Allow your OJOCam to record footage for a couple minutes.

5.Now, operate the camera after the car is in park mode.

6.Long Press the Down Arrow button and select “Movie Reviewing” from the menu once it appears.

7.Select the recent footage you wish to view on the LCD Display.

8.Long Press the Up Arrow button to access video options.From this menu, you can “Delete”, “Protect” or “AutoPlay” your selected file.(Select “AutoPlay” to start the video playback)

9.To confirm your menu choice, press the OK button.

10.To exit from playback mode, long press the Down Arrow button twice.

Enable/Disable Audio

Your OJOCam is now mounted, tested and ready to record.It’s easy to toggle between the audio recording on and off mode by simply pressing the Up Arrow button once.The mic icon shows up on the screen when audio recording is enabled, and shows a x symbol over the mic icon when audio recording is disabled.


Start enjoying your OJOCam system.You will be able to record video footage as you drive, have video evidence if you are involved in an accident, and so much more.You may even capture something completely unexpected on your footage such as a falling meteorite or wild animal wandering beside the road.We know you’ll be satisfied with your OJOCam but if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us or reach us at 1-855-OJO-CAM5. We are happy to assist you!

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